Frequent Flyer - Boz Scaggs

Frequent Flyer - Boz Scaggs


Over the last number of years I've been going to Japan with some regularity and it was about 25 years ago that I started staying at the Okura Hotel in Tokyo. There's something to be said for any hotel that goes to lengths to serve their individual guests. I've got to know generations of people at this hotel. They know just the type of room I like, what newspaper I like and there's this great personal element to it. To me, that's what makes a classic hotel. See


I've been on every major airline in the world at one time or another and there used to be quite a choice. Nothing compares now to my early experiences. It's a sign of the times but there are still some good airlines. I had a trip from Melbourne to Perth last year on Qantas which was a thorough surprise and I was very impressed with the food, the comfort and the service. It's generally a surprise when you find all those things in one flight.


Again, in Japan, there's a particular hotel where my wife and I want to treat ourselves to the highest luxury, it's a traditional Japanese inn in Kyoto. It's very simple and rustic in many ways, but also the most luxurious and elegant. I don't want to say what it is specifically, as it's our special place. But Kyoto has several traditional ryokan.


I like Tumi. I have a whole set that takes me overnight or on a six-week tour. I've found it to be the strongest, most durable and lightweight. It's kind of expensive but I find it very much worth its value. It's very good stuff.


There are several things. I have to have my iPad mini and noise-cancelling headphones. I can load my reading material, crossword puzzles, movies and I am pretty much self-contained. I also have one very silly item, a pair of slippers that I always take with me. They keep my feet warm and I'm good.


Sicily is at the top of places I'd like to go. I have not travelled extensively in Italy and I love most all things Italian. I've explored very little of it and it really interests me. I really like to stay loose. I'm usually not sure where I'm going to be eight or nine months in advance. I really like what I do so I keep the agenda open. But the plan or hope is that in the October-November time, we will take a trip to Italy and particularly Sicily.

Posted: Saturday 11 April 2015

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