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My Top 10 - Boz Scaggs

Independent on Sunday, Jul 13, 2003.

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BOOK: Tao Te Ching.

An instruction manual for the soul.

FILM: Rashoman.

It's got it all: drama, action, irony, humour. Pure visual poetry by a master.

TV: The BBC production Pennies from Heaven with Bob Hoskins.

Actually, it was another piece by the same director that I'm trying to recall. It was, I believe, titled with a man's name and was a psycho-odssey in perhaps three segments. Can anyone help me here?

PLAY: Hamlet.

One measure of a masterpiece is the ability of that work to stand interpretation. It's a great play that transcends language and time.

MUSICIAN: Gil Evans.

In his Miles Davis collaboration, "Sketches of Spain", I hear full expression of the soul.


In the Musee d'Orsay in Paris one can stand eye to eye with Van Gogh's works. I was taken into his eyes and experienced, for a nanosecond or so, an intoxicating madness. Must go back. Must go back.

COMEDIAN: Eddie Izzard.

Beyond funny and satirical and dramatic.

BUILDING: The Getty Museum in LA.

I enjoy the complex of architecture, space, light and materials. It is a wonderland for all the senses.

SONG: "Blue in Green."

It is on the Miles Davis album, Kind of Blue. I have heard it thousands of times and am uplifted each time.

WILD CARD: Which songwriter would you like to tell your life story and why?

Can we let Bill Evans do it posthumously on piano, perhaps just wandering around his keyboard one afternoon before he gets picked up for a gig? On the piano in the cocktail lounge, on his own... whatever he may be in the mood for. Oh, and could that happen in Paris, please?

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