Greatest Hits Live - Boz Scaggs Interview



Veteran music maker Boz Scaggs has recently released Greatest Hits Live on CD and DVD, recorded at a special concert in San Francisco  last year. The DVD features live performances of Scaggs  favorites, including "Jojo," "Lido Shuffle," "Breakdown Dead  Ahead," and "Lowdown."

Scaggs admits that while he's no stranger to having his live performances recorded for audio, having the cameras around made him a bit nervous. Scaggs told us: "I'm not very comfortable with videotaping. Makes me feel self-conscious and think about other things besides music. The music -- we routinely tape shows so I don't think twice about audio rolling on any given night, but the video is intimidating to me."

The artist said that despite his discomfort in front of the cameras, he was confident in the music and his nine musicians. They toured extensively together throughout 2003, which was more touring than he'd done at any time since he was first
establishing his career. The strong response to the shows and the experience has made him optimistic about future career plans. Said Scaggs: "I have never worked so many dates, traveled so much for such a long time in my entire career as I did last year. And frankly, it was a bit much at times.

I really was stretching myself, places I've never been. But in the end it was a great year and it's opened a lot of doors for me, and given me a whole lot of insights as to where I go from here."

Scaggs, who also released an album of jazz and pop standards titled But Beautiful in 2003, says another live CD/DVD release due next year will feature the jazz-oriented material in his repertoire.

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