Boz Scaggs Makes a Date with Flight 750

Boz Scaggs is one of the most well-known and well-respected musicians of the past 50 years. He originally gained fame for his work with the Steve Miller Band in the 1960s and 1970s. But he has also become one of the most successful solo acts of all time. He joined Chad on Flight 750 Monday to talk about his incredible career.

Scaggs talked about how he chose music for his latest album.

“I always like going through material – looking for things that might fit my voice, my style, and I enjoy the collaboration with my Producer.”

Scaggs also talked about collaborating with Michael McDonald and Donald Fagan.

“I loved the collaboration between Mike and Donald – We get to not only play each other’s material, we get to sort of stand back and be side men to the other individuals…We’re revisiting music that we grew up with and sort of had fun with over the years.”

And finally Scaggs talked about how he originally got interested in music.

"During that time, I did a little exploring and found there was a school in Dallas that I really wanted to go to and I eventually got to go there and it sort of introduced me to a bigger world of experience – particularly to music."

Take a listen to this two-part interview

Posted: Thursday 13 June 2013


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