Boz Scaggs to bring unique sound to Hammond

Boz Scaggs to bring unique sound to Hammond

The musician who had everyone singing the "Lido Shuffle" and "Lowdown" during the 1970s will entertain fans in Hammond today.

Boz Scaggs brings his show to The Venue at 8 p.m. tonight at Horseshoe Casino. Scaggs is currently touring in support of his latest album "Memphis," which was released in March of 2013.

During a recent telephone interview, Scaggs said he's enjoying the current tour, adding the touring process and playing music live is a rewarding experience.

"Music is always interesting, always fun. What makes it interesting is that the setting is always different and the audiences are always different. Traveling can be challenging but everyday is an adventure," Scaggs said.

The concert, he said, will include a mix of material, including his mega hits and selections from "Memphis." "I do a broad spectrum of music."

Scaggs, who said he has about four weeks left of his tour, said he has a devoted fan base in the Midwest and is also no stranger to the Midwest.

"I've played the area for a long time. I also went to school in Madison, Wisconsin for awhile," he said, referring to the time he spent studying at the University of Wisconsin - Madison.

When it comes to his fan base and the Windy City's blues-based vibe, Scaggs said "Chicago has been a special place for me."

The musician/singer/songwriter said working on his "Memphis" album, which is on 429 Records, was a "wonderful experience."

Scaggs' father and grandfather were from Memphis so in one sense he was paying tribute to them with this album and he also wanted to explore new sounds while working on the record.

"It is special to me," he said, of the project, which was completed in three days.

"I worked with producer Steve Jordan. We worked together 10 years ago on another project," he said. "Memphis" was recorded at Royal Studios in Memphis, Scaggs explained, adding he was "looking for a particular studio that had a certain sound."

Among the 13 songs on the album are "So Good to Be Here," "Rainy Night in Georgia," "Love on a Two-Way Street," Corrina Corrina," and "You Got Me Cryin'."

In addition to Scaggs love of music, he's also an avid cook.

"I've always enjoyed cooking. I like to eat," he said. With an eye toward the culinary, Scaggs and his wife Dominique are the owners of Scaggs Vineyard in Napa Valley. A variety of wines are available through the vineyard. (Visit

He said the vineyard's wines are always improving. "The vines have become more mature. The wines are more complex and have become much better," he said. Scaggs Vineyard's wines are also available at a variety of restaurants.

Posted: Saturday 26 July 2014

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